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Swimming pool cover manufacturers

Over our 50 years’ operating in the metal industry, we have applied our knowledge to the development and manufacture of swimming pool covers, and during the 15 years we have specialised in this field, we have successfully completed thousands of projects for satisfied customers.

The foundation of our success has always been our skilled team of professionals, working with the latest technology at our 22.000 m2 facilities.

This combination of experience, talent and dedication allows us to create a high-quality product in terms of materials and design, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers, and which has consolidated our position as the leading manufacturer of pool covers, roofs and enclosures both nationally and internationally.

In 2019, our leadership position resulted in the launch of Cupoola by Vegametal, a new brand that marks the beginning of a new stage of growth in order to meet the growing demand.


Vegametal knows that every last detail is important, which is why we adapt our products to your needs and create unique settings where you can switch off and chill out every day. You deserve it.

We know that your peace of mind is paramount and we want to keep you and your loved ones safe. All you need to do is enjoy your pool all year round.


We are committed to our customers and to the environment, both of which have an enormous impact on our most important decisions. Rest assured that before Vegametal launches a cover on the market we ensure it complies with the highest standards with regard to safety, quality, functionality, design and convenience.

Environmental protection is extremely important to us. When you install a Vegametal product you will save water and help to protect the environment.


 To be recognised by internal and external audiences as the leading European swimming pool cover manufacturer.

Fabricante de cubiertas para piscinas
Fabricante de cubiertas para piscinas

Quality policy

The foundational principles of VEGAMETAL CUBIERTAS S.L. and our commitment to our customers and staff are summarised in the following guidelines set out by the company Management as our Quality Policy:

To ensure the right path towards this policy we have set out our improvement targets as described in the Quality Manual. These commitments, combined with teamwork among our staff, are our guarantee of success.

UNE EN 1090

All our pool enclosures are manufactured in accordance with the UNE-EN 1090 Standard, a compulsory requirement under the 2+ System. Vegametal is certified by it and has obtained the CE mark for both its aluminium and steel pool enclosures.

Vegametal has been working in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard since 2002, and is currently audited by TÜV, an internationally recognised German auditing body. We strive to improve our customers’ satisfaction through continuous product improvements and constant R&D work.


Vegametal is a member of the Fédération Française des Professionnels de la Piscine (FPP), the only professional association in the swimming pool sector representing manufacturers and distributors of swimming pool equipment and manufacturers and installers of swimming pools, spas and enclosures.


Vegametal has been a member of the Association of Manufacturers of Swimming Pool Equipment, Chemical Products and Builders since 2008. This represents our great effort to achieve recognition in the pool cover manufacturing sector.

Did you know?

Vegametal cares for the environment. Our covers keep your pool in perfect condition for much longer, thus contributing to the protection of our planet: they avoid the use of large quantities of water, reduce the use of chemical products and drastically reduce energy consumption in heated pools.

Fabricante de cubiertas de piscinas - Vegametal

Exceptional quality

At Vegametal, we not only have all the necessary certificates to ensure unbeatable quality in the design, manufacture and installation of your enclosure, but we also employ exclusive components specifically designed to increase the quality of your enclosure to well above market standards.


100% polycarbonate enclosures to guarantee the strength and durability of your cover. Avoid substitutes of dubious quality.


The system for securing fixed enclosures to the ground consists of a 15 mm cast aluminium base and at least 5 bolts.


Unique, certified quality options to customise your enclosure.


Use of high inertia structural tubing.

Support channel

Installation of support channel as a structural element (pitched roofs).


Use of high inertia structural tubing.


Use of high inertia structural tubing.


Use of high inertia structural tubing.

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Vegametal high swimming pool covers are designed to be extremely functional. These covers enable you to use your pool all year round.

Velsa is a tough, easy to open, high-quality cover. Reliable protection for your pool.

Covers for large, semi-Olympic pools that can be adapted to any space, measurements and the needs of the pool to cover.

Vegametal flat covers are designed to be stylish and unique. Enjoy comfort and peace of mind with one of the safest covers on the market.

Superb quality materials and our huge range of versatile swimming pool solutions make us the manufacturers of choice.