Vega Line Sliding

The Vega Line Sliding for swimming pools creates an ideal climate for year-round bathing. It also guarantees safe conditions for children and helps you to save on swimming pool maintenance products.

Vega Line Sliding


Max width
9.50 m

Standard height
2.90 m

Compact polycarbonate side, Polycarbonates roof

An extension to your home, an oasis where you can enjoy your pool all year-long.

Design and structure

Vega Line Sliding is a high cover, approximately 2.90 m in the centre, which allows users to walk around the swimming pool with no difficulties. The sides of the cover can be raised to open up the gaps between the arches to a height of 2.05 metres. The structure consists of pitched aluminium arches with curved sides and a flat roof that slopes to 10%, each with a symmetrical peak at the highest point.

  1. Lift-up hatches with fall arrest system

  2. 1.10 m lower part acting as a barrier

  3. No tubing on the ground

  4. Option of sliding roofs

  5. Option of LED lighting

  6. Maximum space under the arches

  7. 15 mm aluminium base for floor mounting

  8. Polyacetal section for ease of sliding
vega line deslizante estructura
vega line deslizante estructura datos

Vega Line Sliding fully complies with Standard NFP 90-309, which is mandatory in France, and which is the only existing standard for this type of product. All access points and handles have a double action systems to ensure that children cannot get into pool area unless supervised. Access doors have keys and handles.


Maximum width 9.50 m and a standard height of 2.90m, maximum length between arches is 2.15, the clear passage width of the sliding door is 0.90m.

Materials and finishes

Choose from three ranges of finishes depending on the colour of the structure. The basic colours available are green, white, cream and grey. There are also wood-effect and other special finishes.

Variations and accessories

Add folding doors on façades or opt for a round, fixed or moveable façade for your Vega Line Sliding cover. Roofs with manual or motorised opening systems and LED lighting to give your evenings a magical atmosphere.  The cover can also be fixed to an existing wall. Depending on the height of the wall your cover will have one or two gables.