Flat swimming pool covers

Vegametal’s range of flat pool covers have an elegant and discreet design with a commitment to constant innovation. This model of enclosures has an added convenience with its telescopic design and walk-on surface. As well as being possible to walk on them, you can also safely place garden furniture on the surface. Thus, during the months when the pool is not in use, the surface may be utilised as a terrace, allowing you to make better use of the area.

In addition, Vegametal’s entire range of flat covers guarantees maximum safety and helps to keep your pool water clean all year round. See all the types available, select the one that best suits you and your environment and call us for a quote.

Flat covers

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Vega Slide 2.0 Vega Slide

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Vega Slide is a flat, motorised cover which is designed to protect children and pets from swimming pool accidents. It keeps pool water clean and cuts maintenance requirements, as well as obtaining the maximum surface of trafficable terrace, because the platform can be walked on or you can use it as a safe and stable base for garden furniture.


Max width
5.20 m

Standard height
30 cm

Synthetic wood and galvanized steel

The new Vega Slide 2.0 is designed to make the most of your available space. This innovative telescopic, flat, walk-on platform helps to protect children and pets from accidently falling in, as it is equipped with safety systems that prevent inadvertent or intentional tampering without the consent of an adult. Furthermore, it means the pool area can be used as a terrace patio, making it a highly useful addition to your garden.

It has the same characteristics as Vega Slide, but is slightly more innovative while continuing to focus on safety and making the most of the space.

Manual mobile. Transverse Opening

Max width
5.5 m

Standard height
16.5 – 32 cm

Synthetic wood and aluminium

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The benefits of choosing a flat cover for your pool.

Vegametal’s flat pool covers provide multiple benefits, including safety, ease of pool cleaning and the cover’s unobtrusive appearance. In addition, this type of enclosure will allow you to make better use of your space during the cold months thanks to its sturdy surface.


You can conserve energy with this kind of enclosure because it keeps the heat inside and also, its cover shields the pool from the weather outdoors.

exclusive design

One of the main advantages of Vegametal’s flat covers is their elegant and discreet design. This type of enclosure has a walk-on, telescopic surface, allowing you to use it as a terrace during the months when it is not in use, plus it does not disturb the arrangement of your garden. 


Thanks to the high quality of the materials used in our structures and the exclusive design of Vegametal’s flat covers, this range makes it possible to place furniture and even walk on top of them when they are closed.


Our flat pool enclosures are designed according to the French standard NFP 90 309, the only one of its kind in Europe for enclosures and child safety in swimming pools. This ensures that our structures are completely safe and prevent children from accessing them when the cover is closed.