covers for swimming pools

At Vegametal we don’t just build pool enclosures, we create environments for you to enjoy life.

Because every pool is unique, we provide a wide variety of telescopic and fixed covers so that you can find the perfect one for you.

“No two swimming pools are the same. That’s why Vegametal produces a wide range of swimming pool covers, including telescopic models, enclosures and fixed structures. It’s up to you to decide which one that best suits your needs.”

Furthermore, we carefully tailor each of our mobile pool enclosure models to the demands of each customer, conducting individual studies of each project in our technical office.

Each type, high, low, and even flat, has its own set of advantages, but they all have two things in common: safety and cost savings.

On the one hand, the enclosures prevent children and pets from falling in, while on the other, they conserve water by minimising evaporation and degradation caused by environmental contaminants. Learn more about the benefits of Vegametal pool enclosures.

Cubierta para piscina de Vegametal
Cubierta baja para piscina de Vegametal
Cubierta plana para piscina de Vegametal.

One of these swimming pool covers could be yours.
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At Vegametal we have a range of tall enclosures that are ideal for enjoying the safety and design of your pool all year round. Make the most of the sunny days and transform your pool into a truly special space.

High enclosures are ideal because, as well as providing protection and cost savings, they allow you to create another space in your home where you can spend quality time for most of the year.

They are ideal because, as well as providing protection and cost savings, they allow you to create another space in your home where you can spend quality time for most of the year.

Our low covers are the best option for safeguarding children and pets without changing your environment in any significant way. Furthermore, their ease of opening and resistance will allow you to extend the bathing season into spring and autumn.

Low enclosure models also help you to safeguard your loved ones and conserve the water, but their unobtrusive design makes all of this possible with minimum visible impact on the surroundings.

Vegametal flat covers are the definition of style and comfort in a single product. Their unique and elegant design will allow you to enjoy great peace of mind while making the most of the space during the colder months.

Although they do not prolong the swimming season, flat pool covers allow you to utilise the pool space throughout the winter months because they are motorised and can be walked on.

Covers for large, semi-Olympic pools that can be adapted to any space, measurements and the needs of the pool to cover.

Superb quality materials and our huge range of versatile swimming pool solutions make us the manufacturers of choice.

Why choose our swimming pool covers?

At Vegametal, we know how important it is to you to choose the right cover for your pool. This is why we want to tell you a little more about our products, so that it will be easier for you to make the right choice. In any case, remember that we are here to assist you with anything you require.

Fixed Structure | Telescopic Structure

Vegametal fixed structure swimming pool covers

They are secured to the ground by means of a 15 mm thick cast aluminium base with at least 5 bolts (large enclosures have a stainless-steel base and 7 bolts). In addition, these parts are fixed so as to ensure they are not visible above ground—a perfect finish!

Its enclosure is made entirely of polycarbonate. The fact that we do not combine several types of polymers (with their different behaviours) and employ only that of the highest quality, allows us to guarantee the long-term performance of our enclosures.

You can customise your pool enclosure with the options available, such as sliding side doors (ideal for the elderly), motorised, sliding roofs (to allow the heat to escape), curved opening or non-opening façades, and much more.

Because of the high inertia structural tubing (certified first extrusion) that we utilise, the performance of the pool enclosures against adverse weather conditions, such as wind and snow, is significantly improved.

All our enclosure tubing is lacquered according to Qualicoat standards and is pre-anodised with a higher micronage than the norm.

In the case of pitched swimming pool roof telescopic covers, we install a support channel that acts as a structural element for the cover, which channels and drains off the rainwater.

If you require a large enclosure, we will undertake a study and can provide you with widths of up to 20 metres, sliding roofs, polycarbonate enclosures starting at 16mm, and much more.


The Vega Line Sliding high cover is perfect for shared pools because it adds elegance, extends the swimming season, and creates a distinctive ambiance in your home.

Vegametal telescopic structure swimming pool covers

Enclosure installations with rails is one of our strengths, since the rails run the length equivalent to the movement of the module and are therefore, one of the most important features of a roof structure.

Our rails are secured with two bolts every 50 cm, thus extending the resistance of the roof through to the ground and maintaining the position of the arch, making it impossible for the roof to blow off!

Vegametal's telescopic covers are designed and installed to allow you to manoeuvre each module individually. This way, if you want to allow the heat to circulate or escape, you can open any of the modules of your roof easily, without the need to manoeuvre the entire structure.

The design of the wheels of our mobile pool enclosures is one of Vegametal's best-kept secrets. Thanks to this design, the wheels have a service life longer than the maximum life of the enclosure, which means maintenance-free wheels for life!

Want to know more about the benefits of our pool covers? Find out more about the benefits offered by our different model structures below.


Do you wish to add a new space to your home and enjoy your pool for much longer? Then, the Vega Line Telescopic and Vega Sun Telescopic covers are exactly what you are looking for.

If you prefer your telescopic cover not to alter the surroundings of your pool, your best option is the Velsa Mini model.

Can’t decide between high or low pool covers? Don’t worry! At Vegametal we also have the semi-high models Velsa Plus, Velsa Elite and Velsa Elegant.

A rail-less cover can be removed without leaving obstacles on the ground and can even be adapted to uneven surfaces, within certain limits. But what about safety and performance? These are undoubtedly the most important features of our telescopic pool enclosures, and that is why Vegametal specialises in them.

Each module has an anti-lift system, consisting of stainless-steel parts that prevent the roof from being lifted by the action of the suction wind, which is always active regardless of the position of the roof or the modules.

 Anchor points

Ground bolts (by module)

Stainless-steel parts
Vegametal cover with rails4 (Anti-lift points)2 (By stainless-steel parts)1 ó 2
Covers without rails21No

Cubiertas con raíles Vegametal
4 puntos antielevación de anclaje
2 tornillos al suelo por pieza de acero inoxidable
1 o 2 piezas de acero inoxidable

Cubiertas sin raíles
2 puntos de anclaje
1 tornillo al suelo por módulo

If you want your cover to be really safe, choose one with rails.

Vegametal railed covers feature separate modules that can be manoeuvred individually without the need to move the entire structure (as is the case with non-railed covers). This allows the Vegametal cover to be manoeuvred by just one person, to allow excess heat to escape easily, as well as other benefits.

If you don’t want your telescopic cover to turn into one that is fixed because it is difficult to move, you should choose one with rails.

When the enclosure’s modules are moved, the form of the arch and the weight of the module materials create tangential pressures towards the ground, causing the roof’s arch to detach from its supports. On a cover with rails, the rails withstand the loads due to the large number of bolts that hold them to the ground. However, in a roof without rails, when the anchor bolts are removed, the loads are supported by the friction of the wheels against the ground which, when the wheels start to move, dissipates, thereby yielding to the loads and causing the arch to open.

If you don’t want your cover to become misshapen and to have to move the modules sideways to close it, opt for one with rails.

The arch section is one of the most important sections when manufacturing a pool enclosure, as the structural resistance to the stresses of the entire enclosure depends on it. So, is a curved arch or an arch of polygonal sections better? At Vegametal, we explain why a curved arch is better.

The stresses on a Vegametal curved enclosure

On a roof with an arch consisting of polygonal sections, the maximum load is concentrated at one of the mitre joints, making the structure prone to opening and buckling. In a roof with a curved arch, however, the highest load is situated in the middle of the curve, i.e. in a continuous piece of the tubing, hence the amount of warping will be significantly less.

If you want a much more ergonomic enclosure that is more resistant to weight and atmospheric stresses, choose one with a curved arch.

Aerodynamic coefficient of a Vegametal curved enclosure

When the wind loads required by the standards (CTE, NV65 or others) are applied to the different types of arches, the curved areas have a much lower dynamic pressure than the polygonal ones. This means that the arches sustain and transmit less stress to the structure’s support.

If you want an aerodynamic cover that will better withstand stresses and will not overload its support, go for one with a curved arch.

Material warping on a Vegametal curved arch

When the structure of a pool enclosure has a curved arch, the weight of the enclosure itself is deflected outwards by the bending stresses. However, a polygonal arched roof, as can be expected, is made up of straight panels whose own weight will cause them to bend inwards.

If you want a cover that will support its own weight so that it can also withstand the stresses of external agents, choose one with a curved arch.

El material con que se realiza el cerramiento de una cubierta es muy importante y determinará la vida útil de la misma. A continuación, presentamos una comparativa entre los materiales más utilizados en el mercado.

UV PROTECTIONAdditional surface UV protection. On two sides.Mass UV protection.Additional surface UV protection on one side.
IMPACT RESISTANCEVery high impact resistance. Police shields are made from PC.Low impact resistance. Very fragile material.Very low impact resistance. Very fragile material.
SURFACE HARDNESSLow surface hardness.High surface hardness.High surface hardness.
WATER ABSORPTIONUniform water absorption, low level of absorption.Non-uniform water absorption, high level of absorption.Non-uniform water absorption, high level of absorption.
DENSITY 1.200 kg/m21.200 kg/m21.000 kg/m2
FIRE RESISTANCEB (M1)Very poor fire resistance, E (M4)Very poor fire resistance, E (M4)
PRICEVery high cost.Moderate cost.Low cost.

Protección UV añadida en superficie. A dos caras.
Resistencia al impacto muy alta. Los escudos de policía se fabrican con PC.
Dureza superficial baja.
Absorción de agua homogénea, grado de absorción bajo.
Densidad de 1.200 kg/m².
Resistencia al fuego B (M1).
Precio muy alto.

Protección UV en masa.
Resistencia al impacto baja. Es un material muy frágil.
Dureza superficial alta.
Absorción de agua heterogénea, grado de absorción alto.
Densidad 1.200 kg/m².
Resistencia al fuego muy mala, E (M4).
Precio moderado.

Protección UV añadida en superficie a una cara.
Resistencia al impacto muy baja. Es un material muy frágil.
Dureza superficial alta.
Absorción de agua heterogénea, grado de absorción alto.
Densidad 1.000 kg/m².
Resistencia al fuego muy mala, E (M4).
Precio bajo.

At Vegametal we use polycarbonate because it is an excellent material for the manufacture of pool enclosures. Why?

  • Its high impact resistance ensures that the enclosure will have a much longer life. Especially in areas that are subject to wear and tear, such as sliding doors or facades that support loads.

  • Because of its low, uniform moisture absorption, which prevents the severe warping that occurs in other more absorbent polymers.

  • Its fire rating, which is the lowest of all known thermoplastics, makes polycarbonate virtually non-combustible. Polycarbonate is self-extinguishing in the event of a fire, but methacrylate or SAN release burning droplets when they catch fire.
Cubierta para piscina de Vegametal
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