Telescopic Roof for Swimming Pools

The Telescopic Roof for Swimming Pools is a polycarbonate-covered aluminium structure that is supported by the existing building structure. It may also be raised by erecting pillars made of masonry or metal.

Enjoy the convenience of opening this roof by remote control without worrying about anyone tampering with it and keeping it out of the reach of children. 

Telescopic roof



Max width
3 m to 20 m

Standard height

Smart solutions tailored to your needs.

Design and structure

This swimming pool roof has two clearly separate parts, structural channels in folded aluminium which make up a high inertia box and which are fixed to the existing surface.

The roof is divided into modules, which slide along rails housed in the channels. These modules consist of structural aluminium arches-vaults, which are calculated for each project to adapt them to the setting and the needs of the project.

techos telescopicos estructura

The telescopic roof is normally out of the reach of people, therefore there is no risk of accidents due to tampering. However, the remote control gives complete control over the movements of the roof.

Structurally, each roof is built to withstand the pressure of wind and snow depending on local requirements, particularly if the roof is to cover a public pool.


Roofs are available in different sizes according to the framework used, ranging from 3 m to 20.0 wide.In each case, the components of the roof are adapted to the structural profiles used to build the cover.

Materials and finishes

This structure has three ranges of finishes depending on the colour of the structure. The basic colours include white, cream, green and grey. If you prefer a natural look, see our artificial wood and other special effects.


In most cases, you can opt for a central or side opening.

The benefits of choosing telescopic roofs for your pool.

The installation of telescopic roofs on your pool will allow you to make this structure part of your home and enjoy all the benefits offered by any of Vegametal’s enclosures. Improved cleanliness, usability, security and ease of maintenance, in addition to a unique, integrated design are just some of the benefits offered by this enclosure model.


One of the main benefits of telescopic roofs is the security they offer. Its installation high above the pool puts it out of peoples’ reach, so that the roof can only be operated by the remote control.


The telescopic roofs’ seamless integration with the house’s structure creates a cosy ambience and extends the swimming season.


The Vegametal telescopic roofs are virtually maintenance-free. Only the tracks along which the cover slides require cleaning, so that there are no obstacles that could hinder its movement.


You can conserve energy with this kind of enclosure because it keeps the heat inside and also, its cover shields the pool from the weather outdoors.