Vega Slide 2.0

The new Vega Slide 2.0 is designed to make the most of your available space. This innovative telescopic, flat, walk-on platform helps to protect children and pets from accidently falling in, as it is equipped with safety systems that prevent inadvertent or intentional tampering without the consent of an adult. Furthermore, it means the pool area can be used as a terrace patio, making it a highly useful addition to your garden.

It has the same characteristics as Vega Slide, but is slightly more innovative while continuing to focus on safety and making the most of the space.

Vega Slide 2.0


Max width
7 metros

Standard height
2.50 metros

Compact, safe and practical. A new concept of flat roof.

Design and structure

The structure of the Vega Slide 2.0 platform is made of duralumin, with high-resistance alloys, such as 6005 T6, which ensure a high elastic limit.

Each platform is made up of a perimeter frame formed by double stainless steel brackets. All the joints of the structure are made using stainless steel screws with a minimum quality AISI 304.

The structure has been calculated to withstand static loads of 150Kg/m2.

vega slice 2 estructura plana

Flat cover Vega Slide 2.0

In this category, the first will be the so-called FLAT, which consists of one or two platforms, opening to one side or central and will have a height of 165mm. This version has the advantage of having a single flat surface.

  1. Single rail
  2. One or two platforms
  3. 165mm height
  4. Perimeter aluminum profile
  5. Inner cellular polycarbonate
  6. Deck coating
  7. Loads of 150 kg/m2
vega slice 2 estructura plana telescopica

Telescopic flat cover

The third version is the TELESCOPIC, which consists of two or four modules, two of them lower and two of them higher (165 and 320mm respectively). The main advantage of this version is that it requires half the space to fold the cover than the area occupied over the pool.

  1. Single rail
  2. Central or lateral opening
  3. Maximum height 320mm
  4. Perimeter aluminum profile
  5. Inner cellular polycarbonate
  6. Deck coating
  7. Loads of 150 kg/m2

The Vega Slide 2.0 platform has been designed under the requirements of the NF P 90-308 Standard, which guarantees both the structural resistance of the platform and that access to the pool is guaranteed. In addition, the dimensions of the resulting slots are such that they prevent children’s fingers from being trapped.

The use of safety elements has a double action system, to prevent a child under 5 years of age from manipulating it.


The maximum length of the Vega Slide 2.0 cover is 12m and 5.5m wide. The height of the flat platform is 165mm and 320mm in the upper module of the telescopic version or in the elevated version. The cover slides on a single 15mm high rail.

Materials and accessories

Both the aluminum and the Deck are available in 4 different colors to be able to make the combination that you like the most.

Variants and accessories

The Vega Slide 2.0 cover is accompanied by a helper stick to open and close without bending down.

Possibility of asymmetric manufacturing depending on the collection space.