Vega Slide

Vega Slide is a flat, motorised cover which is designed to protect children and pets from swimming pool accidents. It keeps pool water clean and cuts maintenance requirements, as well as obtaining the maximum surface of trafficable terrace, because the platform can be walked on or you can use it as a safe and stable base for garden furniture.

Vega Slide



Synthetic wood and galvanized steel

Max width
5.20 m

Standard height
30 cm

Enjoy more space and comfort in your garden.

Design and structure of Vega Slide

This galvanised steel structure is clad with no-maintenance synthetic decking. The cover consists of one or two individual motorised platforms, which glide along a rail, covering or uncovering the swimming pool in less than a minute.

  1. Lengthwise opening

  2. Motorised

  3. Deck covering
  4. Loads of 200 kg/m2
vega slice estructura

All you need to do is press a button and the Vega Slide cover is back in position to protect children and pets from swimming pool accidents.


The maximum length of the Vega Slide platform is 12.00 m. The maximum width is 5.20 m and the rail height is 25 mm.

Materials and finishes

The entire structure of the Vega Slide platform is hot-galvanised. The cover-deck comes in three different finishes. If you prefer, the structure can be left open so that you can cover it with the same material as your terrace.

Variations and accesories

One or two decks depending on the width and the space available around the pool.