Velsa Plus

The Velsa Plus semi-high swimming pool cover has an aluminium structure and polycarbonate panes. There is plenty of room to swim inside while having the lowest possible visual impact.

Velsa Plus


Transparent cellular and compact polycarbonate

Max width
7 m

Standard height
1.80 m

PREMIUM rail-free version available

A classic that fits perfectly in any environment

Design and structure

The structure of this cover is extremely tough because the arches all have the same radius. The arches are all at 30º for optimal load transmission through the rails.

This system uses the exclusive Vegametal fixing system, with no visible joints. Only the high quality stainless steel bolts are visible.

  1. Side sliding door as far as the top of the enclosure.

  2. Tilting section

  3. Individual modules

  4. Extra-flat rail

  5. Security door handle with own key
velsa plus estructura
velsa plus estructura datos

The system complies with all the requirements of Standard NFP 90-309, which is mandatory in France and which is the only existing standard for this type of product. The standard governs safety standards to protect children around swimming pools.


A maximum length and width of 2.19 m and 7.00 m. The standard height of this cover is 1.80 m and the rail height is 15 mm.


The Velsa Plus cover has three ranges of finishes depending on the colour of the structure. Basic colours include white, cream, green and grey. If you prefer a natural appearance, take a look at our artificial wood and other special effects.


Among the numerous optional extras available, there are extended rails, lateral sliding doors in the largest module and motorised opening mechanisms.

There is a premium, rail-free version of Velsa Plus, where the modules are inter-guided and fixed to the ground.