Vega Line Telescopic

The Vega Line Telescopic is a cover with a harmonious, attractive design. As well as allowing you to swim for longer, it is guaranteed to keep your children safe.

Vega Line Telescopic


Compact polycarbonate side, Polycarbonates roof, removable Facades

Max width
8.50 m

Standard height
2.90 m

We put the cover, you choose how to enjoy your pool.

Design and structure
Vega Line Telescopic

This high cover is approximately 2.90 m high in the centre, allowing users to walk around the swimming pool with no difficulties. The cover consists of independent modules. The central module can be opened without needing to open the end first. The modules have wheels which glide along rails.

  1. Modules of three structural arches
  2. Tilting or movable facade
  3. EPDM gasket
  4. Independent modules
  5. Transparent polycarbonate
  6. Possibility of LED lighting with automatic connection between modules
  7. Double stainless steel bracket on all arches
vega line telescopica estructura
vega line telescopica estructura datos

Vega Line Telescopic complies with all the requirements of Standard NFP 90-309, which is mandatory in France and which is the only existing standard for this type of product. All access points and handles have a double action systems to ensure that children cannot get into pool area unless supervised. Access doors have keys and handles.


Vega Line Telescopic has a maximum length of 4.25 m and a maximum width of 8.50 m. The standard height of this cover is 2.90 m and the rail height is 25 mm.

Materials and finishes

Clear compact polycarbonate façade and sides and a cellular roof, all with UV protection on both sides.

Variations and accesories

Add a central opening or side to the Vega Line Telescopic, choose folding doors for the façades, rail extensions or motorised opening. The cover can also be fixed to a solid wall. Depending on the height of the wall your cover will have one or two gables.