Vega Master Telescopic

The Vega Master Telescopic is an extra wide cover designed for use with communal swimming pools. It consists of an aluminium structure that forms independent modules with polycarbonate to create a suitable area for swimming while providing protection from accidents in the swimming pool.

Vega Master Telescopic


Max width
20 m

Standard height
5 m

Cellular polycarbonate

An extension to your home, an oasis where you can enjoy your pool all year-long.

Design and structure
Vega Master Telescopic

The Vega Master structure consists of curved aluminium arches at intervals of a maximum of 2.15 metres which are curved with decreasing radii, depending on the position of the telescopic module. These structural arches are joined by straight aluminium profiles and form a solid three-dimensional framework to support the polycarbonate cladding. Our engineering department always designs and analyses the layout of these projects.

  1. High resistance façades

  2. High inertia load-bearing sections

  3. 16 mm cellular polycarbonate

  4. Panic doors

  5. Motorised modules (optional)
master telescopica estructura
vega master estructura datos

Swimming pool covers for public use such as the Vega Master model are specifically designed to comply with the structural demands of the CTE (Spain) and NV65 (France).


The maximum module length is 6.54 m (to study), the maximum width of the largest module is 20 m and the width of the rail is 60 mm.

Materials and finishes

The polycarbonate can be cellular throughout or the enclosure can have a polycarbonate roof and a perimeter made of compact, clear polycarbonate, all with UV protection on both sides.

Variations and accessories

Among the numerous options you can add to your Vega Master cover there are folding doors on façades, round façades, panic doors and sliding side doors in the largest module with a motorised option.