Vega Line Slidign Extra

The Vega Line Sliding Extra is a cover designed for public pools in hotels, camp sites and rural guest houses. The structure and materials keep the water at an ideal temperature for year-round swimming. It is also very safe for children and helps you to save on water and swimming pool products.

Vega Line Slidign


Max width
16 m

Standard heigth
4 m

Compact polycarbonate on sides, Cellular polycarbonate on roofs

An extension to your home, an oasis where you can enjoy your pool all year-long.

Design and structure
Vega Line Sliding Extra

The Vega Line Sliding Extra for swimming pools features an aluminium structure with polycarbonate cladding in the roof, sides and front. The structure is made up of double aluminium arches fixed to the ground via stainless steel bases. The sides of the cover are divided into two lifting sections which give access to the area and serve as a protective barrier for children when closed. The fixing systems prevent tampering by anyone other than maintenance staff.  The enclosure is manufactured entirely in polycarbonate.

  1. Lift-up hatches with fall arrest system

  2. 1.10 m lower part acting as a barrier

  3. No tubing on the ground

  4. Option of sliding roofs

  5. Option of LED lighting

  6. Maximum space under the arches

  7. 15 mm aluminium base for floor mounting

  8. Polyacetal section for ease of sliding
vega line deslizante estructura
vega line deslizante estructura datos

This structure complies with all the requirements of Standard NFP 90-309. All access points and handles have a double action systems to ensure that children cannot get into pool area unless supervised. All accessible gaps comply with this standard to prevent children’s fingers from becoming trapped.

Covers for public use are designed to comply with the structural demands of the CTE (Spain) and NV65 (France).


The maximum length between arches is 2.15 m and the maximum width is 16 m.

Materials and finishes

The Velsa Line Sliding Extra has three ranges of finishes depending on the colour of the structure. The basic colours include white, cream, green and grey. If you prefer a natural appearance, take a look at our artificial wood and other special effects. With respect to the polycarbonate, this can be cellular throughout or you can have a polycarbonate roof and a perimeter in compact, clear polycarbonate, all with UV protection on both sides.

Variations and accessories

Among the numerous options you can add to your Vega Line Sliding Extra cover there are folding doors on façades, round façades, and manual or motorised openings in the roof.