Vega Sun Telescopic

The Vega Sun Telescopic swimming pool cover is extremely functional. It makes the most of the available space as well as creating optimal bathing and swimming conditions.

Vega Sun Telescopic


Max width
7 m

Standard height
2.50 m

Compact polycarbonate side, Polycarbonates roof, removable Facades

Lightness and warmth in your pool cover

Design and structure
Vega Sun Telescopic

The structure is made up of curved aluminium arches at intervals of a maximum of 2.15 metres which are curved with decreasing radii, depending on the position of the telescopic module.

The structure of this cover is manufactured entirely in polycarbonate.

  1. Approximate height of 2.50 m at the top
  2. Swing door
  3. Independent modules
  4. EDPM sealing gasket
  5. Facade pivoting profile
vega sun estructura
vega sun telescopica estructura datos

Vega Sun Telescopic complies with all the requirements of Standard NFP 90-309 which is mandatory in France and is the only existing standard for this type of product. All access points and handles have a double action systems to ensure that children cannot get into pool area unless supervised. Access doors have keys and handles.


A maximum length and width of 2.21 m and 7.00 m. The standard height of this cover is 2.50 m and the rail height is 20 mm.

Materials and finishes

Choose from three ranges of finishes depending on the colour of the structure. The basic colours available are green, white, cream and grey. There are also wood-effect and other special finishes.

Variants and accessories

You can choose from numerous options to add to your Vega Sun cover

  • Rail extensions
  • Sliding door at the side
  • Motorised opening mechanism
  • The cover can also be fixed to a solid wall